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Obsidian pendant with heart shape


Love is a very strong feeling, like our attractive pendant obsidian heart-shaped

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Love is one of the strongest feelings that exist. They have done and impressive acts shall be in love. From the Taj Mahal to incredible books of poems. Love is a great propulsive force that moves the world every day and unites each other. to remind, we have here obsidian pendant shaped heart.

This minimalist pendant is made from smooth glossy surface obsidian. Her heart-shaped 3D is a constant reminder of love. The heart has measures 20mm x 20mm x 10mm and is attached to a chain claw clasp. This closure allows you to adjust its height in order to bring it closer to the neck or chest.

Take it with you to remind you how much you love your loved ones, or Give it all you want so that you can feel the strength of your feelings with them.

The power of obsidian in love

Obsidian is a stone that helps cleanse and protect you from negative energy. Like this, to take, not only we avoid bad luck, but also we try to bring good luck to your life or that of close associates nuestos. In addition to this protective action, also it serves to repel the evil eye.

Thanks to the obsidian pendant you feel like your soul is rejuvenated by love. Every time you look to remember everyone you want to feel more calm will achieve. Also, over time, You can reduce your stress levels everyday and calm. All this makes a great protective obsidian stone that will help you in the course of life.

Do not hesitate and get carried away by the power of obsidian!

Love is a force that moves mountains, and with this pendant you will always remember

Full of affection and love everyone with this fantastic obsidian pendant shaped heart



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