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Obsidian pendant with Buddha Face


This fine necklace Obsidian carries on its front a face of Buddha that will help soothe daily stress.

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In Buddhism, Buddha is the most important figure. That is why for millennia has carved her face and figure statues, beadwork, bracelets, hanging, etc. With this, people expected gain wisdom and serenity of the Buddha himself or approach it. This obsidian pendant seeks to bring together all the positive qualities of the universe in you.

At the front of the pendant we have the image of a serene Buddha with closed eyes made of obsidian, while circling the collar includes a large number of accounts also obsidian.

Benefits of wearing a pendant with Buddha's face

Buddha is a very powerful symbol. Like this, Buddha figures is seeking to attract this power. Among its most important qualities are:

Attracting wisdom: Buddha spent much time teaching his disciples as much as meditating to understand the world and those who dwell therein. Like this, her figure seeks to attract the wisdom that little by little and day by day we improve.

Protect ourselves from negative energy: Buddha's face is a powerful protective element. It prevents negative energy from infiltrating our body with its purifying action. Like this, enjoy greater health over time.

Good luck: To disperse negative energy, We make it easier to attract positive energy. Among the benefits of getting positive energy is improving our present and future fate.

Calm and get rid of stress: Buddha spent a great time meditating and teaching us that we should not let negative feelings constrain us everyday. Like this, to reach a state of calm, It reduces our stress can feel good, sleep better, improve our mental health, etc.

Thanks to all these benefits, we can see in the East a large number of statues, Buddha figures and praise.

Obsidian pendant Buddha face will give you calm and peace

Protect yourself from negative energy with obsidian pendant with Buddha face

Buddha pendant obsidian will help you in everything you put your mind



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