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Hamsa Hand pendant with a Borla


Get a bohemian touch to your style while protecting you from the negative energy with this pendant hamsa hand

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Get protect you from negative energy and attract positive energy with this beautiful hamsa hand pendant. In addition, thanks to its tassel at the end of pendant, You get a touch of bohemian style so fashionable.

Discover the power of Hamsa hand

The hamsa is a symbol consisting of a hand with five fingers, which has the middle finger right in the center, are glued to the middle finger and ring finger, these being a little shorter than the heart, but in turn they have the same size between the two. On either side of this symbol two fingers are thumbs, also the same size between the two and having an inclination towards the outside.

It is used against the evil eye and to protect the person wearing it, It is why many people call "the protective hand of Fatima".

Enjoy your precious pendant hamsa hand

Give a different touch to your accessories with this pendant boho chic


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