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Hamsa Hand pendant Open


Get the protective action of Hamsa hand with this beautiful pendant in three parts.

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Let the protective action of Hamsa hand rests on you and help you get yours eliminate negative energy around so that you can receive all the positive energy. In this way, you'll have more luck and protection in your life can achieve anything you set your mind.

This precious pendant is created from two chokers and a chain, all independent from each other. The closing of each clamp is the ability to adjust to higher closing 5cm. Chokers have dimensions of 30cm with an adjustment in the neck with less slack, while the pendant creates a soft contrast to have a greater fall with 40cm in circumference and 10cm extension.

Let Hamsa hand help you in your day to day

Hamsa hand is a protective amulet has passed from mothers to daughters throughout history and which you also can benefit you.

Let Hamsa hand help protect you



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