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Invert Moon Pendant


Let the power of the inverted moon guide you in your life until you reach your desired destination thanks to this lovely pendant.

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This inverted pendant moon helps you gather all your power so that you can get all your positive energy in life and love. In this way, you can always succeed.

Enjoy your day with inverted pendant moon

This precious pendant is made of zinc alloy. It has a lobster claw clasp that allows us to adjust the length of 5cm to 42cm on higher. In this way, we can take our hanging comfortably.

The symbol of the inverted moon appears in numerous representations of goddesses mother, which they exist in almost all cultures and religions.

It is a very ancient symbol that some associate with the Celtic culture, although you could see in the representations of Greek goddesses and ancient Egypt.

In ancient Rome, many girls wore a pendant shaped inverted crescent moon called "crescent" or "lunula", to ward off bad energy, the evil eye or bad influences.

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this lovely pendant with inverted moon


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