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Moon pendant and Hamsa Hand Reversed


Protect yourself from negative energy and get the love of your predestined partner with this beautiful hamsa hand pendant with moon and inverted.

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Combines the power of the inverted moon and Hamsa hand with this fantastic pendant. In this way, Not only repelerás attracting negative energy and positive energy, increasing your luck, but also will help your love bloom bigger and stronger than ever. Use it when you leave for holidays, Dating or Give it your best friends to see your love and friendship.

Your pendant will become part of your life

This pendant consists of two chains linked closure clip on the back. The first chain has a length of 40 cm and is finished in an inverted moon, while the second chain is finished in a hand of hamsa. That way, You can join hand with the inverted hama moon, achieving a balance between the two.

Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to this lovely pendant



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