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Boho Chic pendant Moon and Stars


Get a different style with this lovely boho chic pendant showing the four phases of the moon on it.

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This wonderful boho chic pendant allows you to display a unique and unmistakable style. Thanks to their different charms, you will achieve attract attention around the world and focus all eyes.

It shows the beauty of the moon with this pendant lovely boho chic

This pendant is composed of three chains linked together. In the uppermost chain moon they are placed together with several stars. In the intermediate chain, It has several fobs that make up each of the phases of the moon: new Moon, Crescent moon, full moon and waning moon. Each of them is placed at regular intervals so that you can admire them both as admirarías the moon in the sky. Finally, in the lower chain, has a shaped moon said. Each of the crimps fobs takes one or more crystals on its surface, giving more brightness and luminosity to the jewel.

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this lovely pendant boho chic


Let the whole world stunned by this pendant boho chic


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