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Pendant with red string Chinese Coins Abundance


This pendant red string will help attract good luck and money in your work and business you do in your life.

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Ten luck in your business or your job and get rich! This pendant red string features 3 Chinese coins representing money and wealth. In this way, placing it near you, You can attract money to you.

Chinese coins, the I-Ching and Feng Shui

These coins are made following the ancient precepts of the I-Ching. On coins, as in I-Ching, circularity represents the creative principle of yang (Ch'en Cielo), while the square hole symbolizes the principle of yin, limited space Earth receptive (K'un). So we can see the earth surrounded by sky.

They are also known as monedas Feng Shui, As one of the main tools used in this ancient art, based on knowing how to handle the energies around us to benefit our physical, spiritual and material.

Thanks to these 3 coins, you can also bring good fortune and money into your life.


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