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Large pendant Hamsa Hand


Protect yourself from negative energy both you and your family through this large pendant with a Hamsa hand.

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Hamsa hand is a powerful protective amulet used to disperse negative energy. In this way, every time we Hamsa hand, we are protecting the evil eye. In addition, This amulet has been used throughout history mainly by women in order to protect your marriage from all evil.

Free yourself from negative energy and get positive energy

Hamsa hand gives us a positive mystical power protection, Blessings, luck, power, joy, both a fortune and protection against evil such as jealousy, anger, envious or evil eye.

Another meaning is protection against natural phenomena such as disasters or diseases. And you can also connect with patience, fidelity and fertility.

In ancient times used to hang a hamsa hand protectively on the doors of houses as a sign of protection from any evil and could not enter the home.

Notice: This pendant does not include any chain. You can also use it to place on room doors, walls, etc.

Amazes everyone with this hand of hamsa


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