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Large Hanging Tree of Life



This beautiful pendant in the shape of the tree of life will help you attract all the good things of life to you and your relatives.

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The Hanging Tree of Life symbolizes the birth of life, mix day and night, sap is the fruit sprinkled celestial and provide proof whom the eternal life. This symbol has endured through the centuries changed so many times. Even so, He has maintained intact its simbológico center: rebirth and life. So, in many countries, for many years they have used the symbols of the tree of life to attract positive energy and reject the negative energy. In this way we managed a happier and more fulfilling life getting everything we intended.

The pendant has dimensions of 40mm x 35mm.

When using the pendant with the tree of life?

Al Hanging Tree of Life They are attributed rejuvenating and healing properties. For this reason many healers use it in their rituals. Also it has other qualities, such as your positive energy and protection capacity. We live in a time when we are surrounded by negative energy so it is necessary to wear as protection as powerful as the tree of life pendant.

If you are living moments of distress in your life, the Hanging Tree of Life it will help you. Thanks to him, You can sort your mind and ideas while repelling negative energies. The Hanging Tree of Life is a piece that gives the wearer the power of good and protective carrying the holder of positive energy.

You also discover its benefits and benefits taking it with you always. You can also Give it to the special people in your life like your family, AmigaOS or your partner. It surprises everyone and leave them speechless with this fantastic pendant!

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Leaves everyone speechless with this wonderful necklace


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