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Flower of Life pendant with leather cord


Enjoy this flower pendant life all the strength you can get your life so you can tackle anything you want.

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The origin of the flower of life, It has an origin that exceeds the human mind. It's own creation, and in fact, proof of them is like the sacred and perfect geometry is repeated in all creation here on earth as in the rest of the Universe. Creation itself or nature is faithful witness that one mind has created and organized everything clearly, And it seems, everything indicates that it is based on a geometric plan, as is the prime of life.

In every way that we can see with our own eyes, and even those who do not, but we can feel, as is the music, It has a geometric structure as shown in prime.

Takes you everywhere flower of life

Thanks to this pendant with flower of life, podrás unirte indivisiblemente a ella y así conseguir sacar a la luz todo tu potencial oculto.

Enjoy your pendant shaped tree of life


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