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Double pendant Crescent


Let the whole world amazed and fascinated by this beautiful double pendant with crescent.

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Make everyone notice you with this pendant double. Thanks to her demure and sober style, This pendant is ideal for taking in all kinds of situations and events. You can also give them to your friends and acquaintances so that they can feel your love.

This suspension is formed by two lower hanging. The first suspension is formed by a chain of smaller at the neck with bound counts. In the meantime, the second, It is formed by a longer chain ending in a crescent downward.

Let the power of the moon into you

The influence of the moon on our planet is undeniable. Since the tidal fluctuations until the times of planting and harvesting, the moon and its influence is decisive changes according to its cycle.

La Luna, prevailing through its influence on our childhood, It represents nutrition, not only in the physical sense but also emotional. It is the stage at which the power will be essential for our further development, as well as satisfaction of the need for affection.

Surprises with your pendant with crescent






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