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Double Hamsa Hand pendant with crystals Crimps


Get a different look while astonish everyone with this beautiful double pendant hamsa hand.

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Hamsa hand is a powerful protective element. Since centuries, his image is used in paints, sizes, etc, in order to protect ourselves and to our loved ones negative energy or the evil eye. In this way, we can bring good luck to our lives and feel better on a daily basis.

Be dazzled by this Hamsa hand pendant

This precious pendant is formed by a double chain link. The links of the upper chain are larger than the links of the lower chain, both links being connected at the rear of the chain by a closure clip. In addition, the lower chain is completed in several accounts with a Hamsa hand hanging in the center. The pendant ring consists a large number of crystals strung, the workpiece being made of stainless steel.

Thanks to its unique style, You will make everyone notice you wherever you go.

This fabulous double Hamsa hand pendant will leave everyone amazed

Create your own style thanks to this wonderful hamsa hand pendant


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