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Hanging Aroma Diffuser with Tree of Life + 5 Aromatics pads


Thanks to this beautiful pendant with tree of life will be amazed at all thanks to the delicious aroma of.

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This pendant combines the best of both worlds because it lets you look fantastic while your pendant broadcasts a fresh scent that will make everyone notice you. The front of the pendant shows a tree of life surrounded by the circle of life. Inside the pendant is available a scented pillow. Like this, every time you take with you, You can leave it anywhere in your home or office and thus give off a pleasant scent. Thanks to its magnetic closure, we can open at any time and place a pendant of aromatic pillows. In this way, we can choose a different scent every day or every week to enjoy.

The pendant has a diameter of 3cm, mientrras the chain that holds has a length of 50cm. Closing the clip chain is so that it can adjust the length of the string to our liking.

The meaning of the tree of life

bring a Hanging Tree of Life It is not new, but it is something that has been making for many years. Even in ancient times it was believed in the powers of protection and healing of the tree of life. So it was not strange to see hanging made by hand. Throughout history, we have seen represented the tree of life in different ways. Even so, its meaning purification, renewal and life has not changed.

In this way, its meaning has come to our time through different sources and locations around the world. That is why The Tree of Life is an element with deep spiritual meaning in the cosmos. Let all the blessings of the tree of life come into you and your people close!

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