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Infinity pendant with zircons engarzadas



Enlightens us with your presence wherever you go with this beautiful pendant with zircons infinite engarzadas.

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Expand your accessories with this beautiful pendant infinity. Its sober while demure style is ideal to carry at all times. You can take on the day to go to work, with your friends, Shopping, etc. You can also use it in all kinds of events like dinners, galas, cocktails, etc. In this way, you will have a multipurpose pendant to wear anytime you need and always be fantastic.

This suspension is formed by a link chain finished in the infinity symbol. This symbol is placed on its surface several cubic zirconias that cross infinity.

The knot of infinity or lemniscate

The endless knot has no beginning or end. Only presents a continuity that is repeated endlessly.

this chain, without beginning or end, infinity symbol gives a multiplier power function to remove the negative energy that is blocking our energy meridians, and a supply of positive energy that restores balance and smooth operation.

We can work also without the ring by simply drawing with our index finger in the air, many times, the lemniscate, starting from the center and continuing the path ascending to the right.

With this exercise we can harmonize situations, people or places.

Relax and enjoy your pendant

Surprise everyone with your new pendant

Discover the power of infinity with this pendant

Dazzle everyone with your precious pendant infinity


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