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Sea Turtle pendant with Crystal Citrine


Show your love and affection for the sea turtle with this lovely pendant. As you leave home with him, all eyes will be on you.

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Let all eyes alighting on you with this beautiful pendant crystal sea turtle with Citrine. As you put it, everyone will feel your love for this beautiful animal. In addition, thanks to its minimalist style although detailed, You can wear it at all times. Whether for day to day, like going to work, tour, hang out with your friends, etc, to go to all kinds of events as it can be an appointment, one cocktail or party, you can carry with you at all times this precious pendant and amaze all who look upon you pose your.

Get become the queen of the place

The sea turtle is a very wise and beautiful animal longevo. That is why many people admire. In this pendant, we put our admiration also. Take it with you so that, whenever you see, you feel better.

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this pendant sea turtle

Makes all of this pendant are passionate about sea turtle

Always enjoy your pendant sea turtle


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13 days 15 hours ago

Hello! I wonder if it would be possible to record on it by the back. It has smooth surface so that it could do? thanks 🙂

13 days 6 hours ago

dear Aleyda:
We make no prints or customizations. Turtle has smooth surface over which perform engraving.