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Hanging 7 Chakras


body sways, mind and spirit thanks to this wonderful pendant 7 chakras. You will see how everyday internal improvements and externally.

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Throughout our body we have major energy centers, which they are connected with important organs or glands that control other parts of the body. Each of these major energy centers are known as “Chakra”. At the physical level each chakra governs a major organ or gland, which they are connected to other body parts that resonate at the same frequency. Inside our bodies have 7 chakras.

If there is any disturbance at some level, This is reflected in the level of vitality chakra. That is why if the chakras are not balanced, these big effects on our physical and our psychological well-being, emotional and spiritual.

Red agate pendant integrates, Lazurite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Tiger eye stone, Green stone and amber to represent the 7 chakras.

Property metaphysical stones

  • Red agate: Protection
  • Lazurite: Clarity
  • Amethyst: Calm, Peace
  • Turquoise: Healing
  • Tiger eye stone: Force, Vitality
  • Green stone: Protection against negative energy
  • Amber: Balance

The 7 chakras

  • First chakra, Muladhra (root): It represents your basic instincts of survival and the security and stability in general
  • Second chakra, Svadhisthana (sacrum): It represents your openness to new experiences and other people
  • Third chakra, Manipura (solar plexus): represents your strength of will
  • Fourth chakra, Anahata (heart): It represents your compassion and trust in others
  • Fifth chakra, Vishuddha (throat): It represents your ability to communication and expression
  • Sixth chakra, Ajna (third eye): represents your intuition and imagination
  • Seventh chakra, Sahasrara (Crown): It represents your spiritual connection with the universe



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