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Hanging Solar System Images


This precious pendant will allow you to express to the world your love for the solar system and the universe around us.

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Everyone is passionate about the universe and the solar system. Many times, We look at the sky to see its immensity, forgetting that we are part of that immensity. This beautiful pendant is not only to show everyone we love the universe and everything related to the planets of the solar system, but also it serves as a reminder that we are a part of the universe itself.

Discover lantente potential of the solar system within you

This pendant is made of zinc alloy. The chain is made by links, thus providing safety and durability. In the middle, It has arranged 7 images among which is the Earth, Luna, Neptuno, Jupiter, Sun and two images of nebulae.

Thanks to its natural color, once you leave home with hanging since, You feel like you draw all eyes to you. You'll become the queen!

Surprise everyone with this pendant with solar system


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