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Sacred Geometry Pendant


Sacred geometry is found in all areas of our lives. Thanks to this fabulous pendant, You can also receive.

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Sacred Geometry is the symbolic language of the forces of creation of the universe and helps us to understand mentally what you already intuitively know.

It is an energy system that aims to achieve the equilibrium of human beings in all dimensions, both physically, and emotional, mental and spiritual, also balancing the relationship with the Earth and the Universe.

Sacred Geometry transmutes negative energies that are blocked and that the person accumulates long time, a transformation that takes a relaxed state, balance and wellbeing, causing the body of the person into geometrical resonance with the beginning of the creation of Being and the Universe, producing a strong harmonic vibration and even opening and awakening the state of our consciousness.

He brings all the power of the universe

Thanks to this magnificent necklace made zin alloy, you too can take with you at all times sacred geometry to enjoy it.

Perceived differently both the universe and yourself with this pendant

Bring always sacred geometry flower of life



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