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Sacred Geometry pendant with Flower of Life


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Flower of Life is an ancient symbol found in many global cultures. It is represented by several uniformly spaced circles that overlap each other to form a pattern like a flower. It is said that this training It represents the fundamental forms and patterns of space and time. In this way, when talking flower of life is spoken of an intricate and complex symbol union encompassing all.

Takes you everywhere flower of life

When you take over the prime of life, you're helping to obtain all your benefits.

This suspension is made of zinc alloy. The total length of the pendant is 50cm, It is finished chain in a closure clip which allow us to regulate its height and size. In this way, colocárnoslo we will be able to take as best we feel.

Model Aro Exterior

Enjoy your pendant with flower of life


Model Interior Aro

Surprise everyone with your pendant with flower of life


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