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Heart pendant


This beautiful pendant with a heart draw the attention of others and declare your love.

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Let your love overflow to others. This lovely heart pendant is an expression of your feelings of love and happiness for all.

The suspension consists of a chain claw clasp so that it can be adjusted between a length of 35cm and 45cm. This way you can put it closer to the neck or chest according to your taste.

The power of love is in you

We love our partner processing, our family, friends, which we respond reciprocally, is the feeling that wakes us more thrills.

Loved ones are essential to address the potholes of life, because with the love they give us, They give us emotional and physical safety.

we all deserve to live with love. Let us not forget why there are many people close to us who can enter our lives. Therefore there is the following reflection: Let us be wanting!

Surprise everyone with your heart pendant


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