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The face of Buddha in Obsidian pendant



This pendant bears carved Buddha face to attract positive energy of the universe and get calm.


Obsidian is a protective stone with a large force to remove negativity and protect us from negative energies formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with water and cools quickly. With the pendant with Buddha head from Obsidian you'll be protected against negative energies and can thus enjoy your day without fears, anger or resentment. Obsidian was used in ancient times to protect themselves from evil spirits.

The face of Buddha in Obsidian pendant

This pendant has carved the face of Buddha. In many cultures, the image of Buddha is used to attract the positive energy of the universe and get the calm self, for so they can carry a fair and honorable life, managing to solve all the problems of every day. In addition, Thanks to the negativity of the Obsidian repulsorlift action, you get that all the closest to ti also benefit from its protective properties.


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