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Aro pendant with Flower of Life


Flower of life shows you how everyone and even the universe is interconnected with each other. You also enjoy this mystical connection with this pendant.

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The flower of life is an iconic element emerged in ancient times and has lasted until today. Connect with the flower of life allows, according to specialists in the field, generate energy flows to moving up and connect with other spiritual dimensions. Which the prime of life, is represented not only on Earth but also on other planets and the whole universe, It means that this goes beyond our conception and reality.

Discover all the power of the prime of life

This wonderful pendant ring, lets you take the prime of life with you at all times. In this way, You can achieve connectivity at any time to obtain their beneficial effects. The pendant is made of zinc alloy and has a 50cm chain with lobster claw clasp that lets you choose the length that best fits you.

Access all thanks to this pendant with flower of life


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