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Cosmic pendant


Enjoy full force of the cosmos with this beautiful pendant spherical. As soon as you put it feel like the cosmic force talks to you.

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What most powerful force exists than the cosmos itself? comets, Star, black holes, etc. All these natural forces in perfect balance with one another within the cosmos. Even the cosmos itself which gives birth to the zodiac, I latter being subject to first.

Feel the power of the cosmos comes into you

Our brain, In addition to being an organ processing linked to our body, with which it exchanges information continuously, It is linked to the rest of the universe at the quantum level. To this level, our brain would be connected to fields cosmic.

The gravitating force actions (karma) of beings (with its associated mental states) configures cosmic space and time. In this way, the universe structure, according to the above principle, in different spheres of existence, constituting a hierarchy. These areas of existence are associated with a special procedure acquired through the repetition of such acts and instinctual tendencies, and the preservation of certain dominant mental states of each area.

Thanks to this lovely pendant, every time you see feel the force of the cosmos inside you. Like this, You can create actions that gradually improve your life and achieve excel.

Feel the power of the cosmos thanks to this wonderful pendant

Let the power of the cosmos into you with this pendant



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