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Heart pendant with love message



Shows your love and affection for your partner with this beautiful heart pendant bearing a message of love inside.

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The heart is the international symbol of love. Let us wherever we go, using the heart symbol, we can make other people understand and overcome all barriers thanks to the affection and understanding. For this reason, What better way to tell your partner how much you want? With a message inside a heart. It is just why we bring you this wonderful heart pendant.

Show all your love with heart pendant

This heart pendant lets you express all your love. The suspension consists of a chain of copper alloy finish on a heart. The heart includes a crimp zirconia. In its center, It has a lens hanging from the heart with zircons engarzadas. If the lens alumbramos, we can project onto any surface the message of love “I Love You” in all languages. You will demonstrate this so that your love is as big as the world.

Surprise your soulmate with this heart pendant Let your partner feel your love with this wonderful heart pendant

Surprise everyone with your heart pendant

Enjoy with your heart pendant

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this heart pendant


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