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Pendant Seed of Life


Before the prime of life, First come the seed of life, The begining of everything. Takes this wonderful pendant when you start your projects and gaits to accomplish everything you set your mind.

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The seed of life is considered the origin of all. Some even consider it as the step preceding the Flor Essence of Life. The Flower of Life leads to the formation of the "Fruit of Life", and the fruit of life is considered the model of the universe, because it contains all existence, including lifestyle, the molecular structure and atom. As a result, toIt does what exists may be based on the shape of the seed of life.

Bring always the power of the prime of life

Pendant Seed of Life is a symbol of protection and blessing, and it has been passed down through several generations. Some other people also use it as a symbol of fertility and blessing. In this way, when you wear a pendant with the seed of life, you are accessing their full potential.

Bring all your projects to fruition with this pendant with seed of life




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