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Star pendant



Surprise everyone with this lovely star-shaped pendant. With the, You also radiant as the sun.

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Surprise everyone with this fantastic pendant. Her demure style is ideal to carry with you everywhere.

This precious pendant consists of a chain with closure clamp is adjustable between 28cm and 38cm. The pendant is finished in the shape of a star.

The power of the stars for you

The stars have always been there in the sky for our lives. Before they were born there and still be there after death. His almost infinite power gives them an unusual longevity.

Since time immemorial have used the stars for all. From predict and foresee the future, to use them to guide us and so walking at night. Today, We use the power of the nearest star, Sun, to produce electricity. In addition, the sun cares for us. It makes plants grow and gives us light and heat.

You also feel the power of the stars thanks to this lovely pendant.

Wow you with this pendant

This pendant will help you highlight your features

Highlights face and neck with this pendant


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