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Pendant Buddha Face & Crimps Cristal



The image on this pendant with Buddha face will help to provide peace and serenity whenever you look.

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During centuries, Buddha image has been used as an aid both in meditation and in everyday life. In this way, Many people keep a Buddha image at home in order to meditate in front of it and get to be more concentrated. Also many people usually take some Buddha image above in order to try to achieve serenity and wisdom. This pendant with Buddha face, You can also reach that state of serenity and wisdom. Every time you get fixated on the image of Buddha, even you notice how your mood improves.

Let peace come into your life Buddha

This wonderful pendant is composed of a string of beads finish pendant with the image of Buddha side. Around the face of Buddha, They are gracing hanging a large number of crystals crimps, which gives shine and brightness to set.

Sorpende everyone with this pendant with Buddha face

It achieves a totally unique look thanks to this wonderful Buddha pendant

Let others fascinated with this pendant with Buddha face

Let yourself astonish with this pendant with Buddha face

Get peace and quiet thanks to this wonderful pendant


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