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Hanging on Lotus Buddhist OM


Achieves calm and serenity you need in your life thanks to our Buddhist pendant. Its protective action will help balance yourself internally and externally.

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The daily grind of our lives decompensation us internally and externally. Thus we have given day we feel more tired, we have more stress, etc. At those moments, Ideally, take a step back, calm down and think while meditating. That is why our Buddhist mantra Om pendant with lotus symbol and will help you focus while meditating. In addition, every time you see, You'll feel better and you and destress and body nivelarte and spiritually.

The power of Lotus and mantra Om united into one

The lotus is an element that symbolizes rebirth. Like the lotus protrudes from the muddy water and its way in life, you can also make your way in life without anything stop.

In addition lotus relief, The pendant features the mantra OM in its center. In this way, also you can focus on meditation.

Surprise everyone with your precious pendant

Let everyone be surprised with your Buddhist pendant


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