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Buddhist Mantra OM pendant with Dorado


Let peace and relaxation come into your life with this Buddhist pendant. His mantra OM will allow you to get rid of stress and discomfort.

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OM Mantaro is one of the most important in Buddhism. Many of the most famous mantras, They carry within them the OM. Thanks to this Buddhist mantra Om cogante with, we can focus and relax for only having to concentrate on meditation.

The importance of the mantra OM

This vibration has great power both mentally and at body level. It purifies and cleanses us all our "koshas" or layers of the body, from the coarsest and external (annamayakosha or physical body ) even the most subtle of them (I have had the yakosha the causal cuerpo ) It affects us both physically, mental and emotional.

Most often perform the song of OM before and after practice yoga or meditation, as it prepares the mind and body for it. However, the chanting of OM, and is itself a meditation. Through meditation we can reach Om Moksha or spiritual liberation.

This Buddhist mantra Om pendant with will help you focus while meditating


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