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Buddhist Mantra pendant with Lotus


This Buddhist pendant will help you focus on your path to enlightenment. Thanks to its mantra, you can concentrate and meditate quietly.

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Let peace and tranquility are the center of your life. Thanks to this wonderful Buddhist pendant you can always think you want getting twice the results with half the effort. In addition, thanks to its mantra placed at its center, You can focus on it in order to calm down and relax.

This pendant muenstra us a silver plated center with a mantra, and a circular base ebony. As you wear it since, everyone will notice it, recognizing your temperance, peace and harmony.

Lotus, ultimate symbol of Buddhist meditation

Lotus image is one of the icons most represented within Buddhism. Like this, this flower is known for representing reincarnation. And the flower emerges from the water, we rise in the world. That is why a large number of statues and paintings shown Buddha or a meditator on a lotus flower.

Create your own zone of peace and harmony with this Buddhist pendant

Reborn you also like the lotus thanks to our Buddhist pendant



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