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Buddhist mandala pendant with Lotus and OM



Feel peace and quiet at any time and save yourself the stress of everyday life thanks to this wonderful Buddhist pendant.

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The busy life prevents us find calm and rest. That is why anytime, stress overwhelms us and get angry, become depressed, etc. This Buddhist pendant has been created to remind you that calm, calmness and patience are important elements of life.

Let life becomes easier and less stressful

This pendant recomfortará you every time you look. The pendant has a triple effect. At its center it has the mantra OM. This mantra is one of the most used in Buddhism because of its great capacity to focus. The mantra is surrounded by a Mandala as expression center opening towards the universe. Outside Pendant, We have the shape of a lotus. This form is an example of resurrection and self-improvement. In this way, thanks to 3 you can get better physically and spiritually.

Get peace and quiet thanks to this wonderful pendant

Make peace and calm your day

Let everyone thanks to your boho chic pendant sorpenda




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4 months 18 days ago

Hello, Could you please indicate the dimensions? Thank you

4 months 17 days ago

dear Lu:
The pendant has a diameter 34mm.