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Buddhist pendant with Buddha head in Crystal


Let wisdom, Calm and peace will flow into you through this beautiful Buddhist pendant with Buddha's face.

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Buddha is highly venerated in the Eastern culture. Large statues are erected all across Asia, from India to Japan, and from Mongolia to Thailand. In ancient times, people had Buddha-shaped objects or your face in order to follow his path of peace, harmony and wisdom. In this way, people were trying to get all these gifts for themselves. That is why we bring this precious Buddhist pendant with Buddha's face. Thanks to this pendant, You can also try to get all the gifts of Buddha and reach as high.

This pendant shows a face of Buddha made in glass with exquisite carved. The pendant is held by a cord thread.

Let the energy enter into you

Thanks to this pendant, gradually you will begin to improve in your life, Step by Step.

Surprises with your calm thanks to this lovely crystal pendant

Let everyone see your inner change thanks to this beautiful Buddhist pendant


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