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Hueco Buddhist pendant with Mantra OM


Om mantra is one of the most powerful to meditate. bring it along with this wonderful Buddhist pendant.

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Words have power. They are used in many ways to convey what we think and what we feel, but often we do not have 'words' to express what we really feel. When we utter a word we are connecting with the emotions and meanings that word carries. And when we recite a mantra we are doing the same, using the power of the word with all the emotional and spiritual burden that accompanies it. The OM mantra is the primordial mantra. It derived a large number of different mantras. That is why many mantras starting with this OM or end with him (even both). This Buddhist pendant is inscribed on its surface the mantra OM so that you can benefit from it at all times.

Discover the power of the mantra OM

This pendant is made of zinc alloy. The measure of pendant is 43cm, can be expanded into 4cm to greater thanks to its closure clamp. Hanging in the center is placed the mantra OM big.

Surprise everyone with this pendant Buddhist mantra Om with



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