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Buddhist pendant with lotus flower and Meditant


This pendant represents calm Buddhist meditation next to reborn Lotus to Logres always benefit that you put it.

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Meditation is an ancient art that has been used since ancient times to relax body and mind. In this way, through meditation, we can not only free from stress, but we can delve into ourselves and get to a point where we will be masters of ourselves. Thanks to this wonderful Buddhist pendant, You can get reach that point where you can get rid of all worries.

Get rid of stress and make your spirit grow

Buddhist meditations give a way of working in mind using the mind: allowing capacity increase awareness and positivity, which in turn can be used to see the nature of things as they really are.

Meditation calms the mind and guides the sense of awareness, It fosters positive emotions and expands our perspective.

This suspension is formed by a chain of 43cm with a slide clamp can be extended to higher 7cm, finished in a lotus flower with meditating inside.

Surprise everyone with your Buddhist pendant

Manages your daily life better with this Buddhist pendant


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