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Hanging Buddhist Elephant, Moon and Mantra OM Along with Zodiac Wheel


Let the different energies of the universe will flow to you thanks to this beautiful Buddhist pendant + Zodiac wheel.

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Let luck into your life with this wonderful Buddhist pendant + Zodiac wheel. This bracelet pendant combine several elephant-shaped, luna, OM mantra and a wheel zodiac, each at its height.

The first is a moon. In Eastern cultures, the moon symbolizes the power of women. The second part in the elephant. This symbolizes strength and help you overcome any obstacle. The third part is the mantra OM. In Buddhism, This mantra is one of the most widely used thanks to the help you provide to calm down and relax before and during meditation. The last part of the pendant is a wheel of the zodiac.

Zodiac Wheel and cosmology

In the zodiacal wheel we are twelve personalities, one for each sign and for each astrological house. Issues and issues that govern houses, and the sign zodiac define certain personal characteristics of each.

Thanks to this lovely pendant, all amazed

Surprise everyone with your fabulous Buddhist pendant


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3 months 17 days ago

Se ponen obscuros? Q material estan hechos??

3 months 17 days ago

dear Paola:
The pendant is made of zinc alloy.