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Suspension Buddhist of meditating Guide Loto


Feel how energy flows to you when you meditate with this precious Buddhist meditator on lotus pendant.

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Buddhist meditation is well known throughout the world. From east to west many people practice meditation daily. In this way, not only get less stress, but also they gain spiritual peace, as well as a constant improvement and self-discovery. That is why this Buddhist constatne pendant is a reminder to look within yourself so that you can get all your benenficios.

The power of Lotus in Buddhism

The lotus is a very important element within Buddhism because it symbolizes rebirth. Like the lotus born from muddy water and rises to the sky, A person can also be reborn through meditation and spiritual rise.

This pendant is made of stainless steel and includes a chain of 50cm in length so you can take it to your liking. ¡Sorprende a todo el mundo gracias a este precioso colgante!

Marvel at the benefits of this wonderful Buddhist pendant

Let meditation help you in your everyday life


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