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Buddhist pendant Hamsa Hand with Mantra OM


This beautiful pendant intrinsically combines both Buddhism and protecting Hamsa hand.

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This pendant hamsa hand om mantra and allow you to not only dispel negative energy, it will help you in your day to day. By combining these two aspects, Hamsa hand you can use it to provide security to dispel negative energy easily. In this way, You avoid negative energy that comes near you, as well as stress and anger. In addition, in the center of your palm, It includes a lotus mantra om drawn with at its center. The lotus is a symbol of rebirth very important for Buddhism. OM mantra is also very important because a large number of mantras starting with that mantra.

In this way, thanks to its protective action, You can reduce discomfort in your life and get everything you propose.

Get a look different thanks to Hamsa hand pendant

The pendant is made of zinc alloy and has a chain 45cm.

Surprise everyone with your hand hamsa pendant

Jaw-dropping everyone with this pendant hamsa hand


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