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Hanging Buddhist Lotus Engraved


Like the lotus leaves water, Stand thou also be like the lotus thanks to this beautiful Buddhist pendant.

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Lotus is one of the most iconographic elements within Buddhism. For many Buddhists, Lotus represents the elevation of self. Like the lotus grows in muddy waters and protruding from them like a beautiful flower, in Buddhism the lotus is considered as an element of physical and spiritual rebirth. Like this, we can see a large number of works drawn with lotuses. Some of the most popular are the Buddha himself meditating on a lotus and attained enlightenment. That is why it has helped reach our days as an element of iconography, surprising and marveling.

Get your also improve yourself with this pendant

This beautiful pendant is made of stainless steel. It includes a chain of 50cm so that you can wear the pendant as you like best. Let yourself go you also for the beauty of this pendant!

This Buddhist lotus shaped necklace astonish everyone

Surprise everyone with this Buddhist lotus shaped necklace


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