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Crashed pendant Lotus Buddhist Mantra and OM


Surprise everyone with this Buddhist pendant made of stainless steel with a fine engraving outlined astonish all.

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In the busy life, This Buddhist pendant will remind you every time you look, to take time, to stand to advance the way.

This wonderful pendant shows the figure of a star-shaped lotus. This type of representation was very typical of mosaics in order to have Lotus easily figure in a number of places. In this way, could join one of the more iconographic elements in temples, households, etc.

The importance of Lotus in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the lotus represents self incarnation, or spiritual elevation of oneself. In addition, the pendant is accompanied by the mantra OM in its center. This mantra is one of the most used in Buddhism, being present in countless other mantras. In this way, we have a mantra that calms and soothes us with a lotus which helps us to regenerate and rise.

This beautiful pendant is made of stainless steel, a chain 50cm.

Surprise everyone with this lovely pendant Buddhist

This Buddhist lotus shaped pendant will leave everyone with an open mouth


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