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Boho Pendant with Sun and Moon Face



Leaves everyone with his mouth open thanks to this lovely boho pendant with the image of the sun and the moon on it.

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The sun and moon are the two atros on the celestial body that recognize. During the day, the sun illuminates us with its warm rays giving light and color in life. Thanks to the sun, We can see the horizon, keep warm under his warm rays, etc. In the same way, at nightfall and leave the sun, Moon makes an appearance. Thanks to its elegance in the sky, Moon inspires us all. Watching the moon has a soothing effect on our hearts. The union of the sun and moon with that duality is what gives rise to day and night allowing us to also measure passing time.

Be dazzled by this pendant boho

This suspension is formed by a chain of rings finished in a closing clip. At its center is a ring where inside you can see the face of a sun with its rays touch a moon with stars around it.

Surprise everyone with this wonderful boho chic pendant with moon and stars

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this beautiful pendant boho


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