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Boho Chic Triple pendant teardrop



Achieves a totally different look with this wonderful chic boho shaped pendant drop of water attached to a choker.

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This beautiful pendant boho chic is the union of three parts in a single supplement that will help you be fabulous in a jiffy. In this way, we have this beautiful pendant consists of a choker, a pendant shaped bird and a pendant shaped raindrop. Thanks to the union of the 3, This pendant achieves a unique look that will surprise.

Dazzle everyone with your style with this pendant boho chic

The pendant is formed first by a choker flat chains linked together with a total length of 29cm. The second chain ring is finished in its center with a bird flying having a total length of 40cm. Finally, the third chain is finished in a glass drop shaped crimp and a total length of 55cm. At the junction of the 3 chains has a lobster claw clasp that regulates its length in 5cm higher.

Surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic

Get a unique look with this pendant boho chic teardrop

Marvel at the beauty of this pendant teardrop

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this lovely pendant



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