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Boho Chic pendant Sol y Luna



Your pendant boho chic with the sun and the moon represents the constant duality of life. You marvel thanks to your pendant.

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The sun and the moon are two parts of a whole in the cosmic cycle. When the sun sets and see the moon when the night is just the sun rises. This duality has pervaded our lives to adapt rigiéndonos known customs and times. This duality occurs in almost all areas of life, finding in each action opposite effect or reaction. For this reason, we bring you this pendant boho chic to always remember this duality and have this happen and changes will occur in our lives following this dual path.

Let your soul and your body will melt and stabilize

This pendant consists of a sun that is attached to a moon. In this way, we see that both are interconnected with each other. Ying y Yang, body and spirit, all are interconnected in this life.



Let the whole world stunned by this pendant

Your pendant will accompany boho chic everywhere



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