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Boho Chic pendant Sol y Luna, OM and Hamsa Hand


Let the energy of the universe flow into you with this pendant boho chic. With the, The positive energy will cover you!

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Do not let bad luck touch you. Thanks to boho chic pendant you will attract all the positive energy towards you. In this way, You can get everything you set your mind without problems.

The triple protection boho chic pendant

This consists of three pendant chains linked closure adjustable clamp. The first chain is formed by a hand down hamsa. Hamsa hand is a protective element that has happened in history from mothers to daughters, protecting them from misfortune. The length of this chain is 40cm. The second chain is formed by the mantra OM within a lotus. For Buddhism, Lotus is a very important icon related to rebirth and meditation.

This chain has a total length of 48cm. The last of the chain is finished in a small surrounded sun moon. This pendant symbolizes the duality of human beings. Its total length is 56cm.


Let the positive energy comes to you with this beautiful pendant boho chic


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