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Pendant Boho Chic Solar System



Discover all the power and energy of the solar system thanks to this wonderful pendant that remembers us whenever we see.

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This beautiful pendant will think about the universe, the planets, Luna, the etrellas and harmonious whole which together form. Like the solar system is ordered and flows without stopping but without any chaos, You can also aprovecar your energy for your own purposes and thus benefit from its power. In this way, every time you wear this pendant, You can feel the energy flows in your body from your head to your feet, and a continuous flow crando. In this way, you allow your energy is renewed constantly finding yourself better everyday.

Unleash your potential with this wonderful pendant solar system

The pendant consists of a link chain in which the end are the accounts of the planets of the solar system.

Sun: Red quartz

Mercury: White agate

Venus: Metal

Earth: Blue marble

La Luna: crystal White

Mars: Red agate

Jupiter: Tiger eye

Saturn: Yellow Agate with Golden Ring

Uranus: Amazonita

Neptuno: Lapisláluli


Horizontal Chain Model

Surprise everyone with this pendant shaped solar system

Pendant model Vertical

Discover the power of the solar system with this wonderful pendant


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