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Boho Chic Feather Pendant


Get everyone to notice you thanks to this spectacular pendant boho chic finish a pen. You will be the center of attention!

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Bohemian style fashion is found again. That is why we bring you this lovely boho chic pendant.

This pendant features 3 chains linked at different heights. Thus we have a first short chain with beads on its surface, a second string to medium height with medals and a third string longer than is finished in a pen. Like this, the combination of the chains within this pendant provides a different look chic you can use in all situations or events.

Let your spirit fly free as a bird

The spirit is free. What greater freedom exists that fly in the sky? Birds that fly through the sky can go wherever they want without any hindrance, walking impossible distances. And them, We should let our soul leaving enjoyment in life free of interference. In this way, we can become happier everyday.

Let your soul fly free with this pendant boho chic


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