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Boho Chic Feather Pendant Long


Feel free like the birds that fly through the sky thanks to this lovely boho chic pendant shaped pen

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In nuesro every day we have to deal with a large number of events, options, people, etc. Within our work, while we are helping all, etc, daily try not to let adversity or anxiety overcomes us. It is in everyday life where more we yearn to feel free. Thanks to this lovely pendant boho chic, You'll also feel a little closer to heaven and freedom.

This pendant is 70cm finish in a long feather freedom of birds gracefully across the sky symbolized.

Look at the sky and feel free

Heaven is a synonym for freedom. When one looks at the sky, sees endless possibilities in life. Like the birds are able to choose from an endless number of ways to reach your destination, You can also reach the destination of your life without problems.

Let your soul fly free with this pendant boho chic



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