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Boho Chic pendant with Pen, Fishtail and OM


Captivates everyone with your presence thanks to this wonderful boho chic pendant that will delight everyone.

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The elements come together to create this wonderful boho chic pendant. In this pendant we can see that triple consists of three parts that bind, thus giving a strong symbolism of freedom and joy.

A boho chic bracelet ode freedom

This bracelet is made up 3 chains that coalesce into one at the back. There clamp closure lets you adjust the length. Thus we have the first chain is led by a horizontal boom at its center. The second chain is finished in a fishtail. Finally, la tercera de las cadenas está acabada en el mantra OM.

In this way, we pen symbolizes the freedom of the birds in the sky, while the fish tail symbolizes freedom of these at sea. Thanks to its interaction, you can also ride your life freely and untethered.

Feel free with this pendant boho chic


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