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Pendant Boho Chic Follow your dreams in the world dedicated card


Do not let anything discourage you and follow your dreams throughout the world with this pendant boho chic always with you.

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Earth is an amazing place. Length and breadth, we cross it for a lifetime and always discover something nuevo.Por this venture to explore and pursue our dreams in life is so interesting and fun. This pendant boho chic is a constant reminder that no matter how much or how we Let's Travel tour. Most importantly going forward following our dreams in order to get.

Discover the power of dreams

This wonderful chic boho pendant is made of zinc alloy. The suspension has a link chain which is finished by a circular ring. Inside the ring, we can see the shape of the Earth as if it were a world map. That way, every time we look at this lovely pendant, we remember that we also find there, always chasing our dreams to be fulfilled.

Follow your dreams and do not Flags- with this pendant boho chic


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