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Pendant Boho Chic of Birds Flying


This lovely necklace boho chic will give a more bohemian look so surprising friends and acquaintances with your style.

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But sober looks a bohemian style with this wonderful boho chic pendant.

The pendant is made of zinc alloy, with a length of 40cm can be extended to 45cm thanks to its closure clamp.

Birds flying and spirit

Through the history of symbolism, birds have represented the spirits of air and life. For the Egyptians symbolized the soul. The supreme deity was represented by a globe with outstretched wings on the sides. Babylonian and Assyrian peoples had the same belief.

In order to interpret better communication quality time immemorial augurs drew an imaginary map on the horizon and divided into sectors. The augur then climbed the highest mountain, there effected a ceremony to sacrifice a creature, He is mumbling some prayers and hoped that the first bird appeared. If this particular line was flying, at a certain time, behaving in a peculiar way meant bode. But a second bird was to confirm the meaning of the first.

Let your soul fly free with this chic boho necklace

Surprise everyone with your boho chic necklace



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